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Un fiscal acusó formalmente a la mujer blanca qual protagonizó una escena racista en Central Park y se volvió viral

Times are tough. Need a good cry? Double J has curated a playlist that will put you in the right headspace.

A hospital in Melbourne's north conducts a deep a clean of its emergency department after seven staff members test positive to coronavirus over the last five days.

The business community has already signaled its approval of Guedes' stated plans to privatize and streamline the state should he be nominated economy minister. One should not underestimate Bolsonaro or hope that, in the worst case, Congress would thwart him should he be elected.

“”I don’t run the risk of having children who are gay or date black women because my children were very well raised.[3]

"Love over hate," Bubba Wallace says, after the president calls a story over a garage noose a "hoax".

Alice Liddell fue una niña que no pasaba desapercibida y que supo cautivar al escritor inglés Lewis Carroll.

VIDEO: Un sacerdote reclama a los fieles de que acudan a confesarse de modo a pedir perdón por elegir al "bandido" por Bolsonaro saiba como presidente

El brócoli o brécol es una planta por la familia por las brasicáceas, a la qual pertenecen otras verduras tais website como las coles do bruselas o la coliflor, que se caracteriza por su particular color verde y por sus cabezas florales china en FORMATO por árbol.

El primer ministro israelí, Benjamin Netanyahu, planea anexionar a Israel parte del territorio ocupado por Cisjordania, en una here medida que podría empezar a ejecutarse paulatinamente a partir del 1 do julio. En este video te explicamos tres claves de modo read more a entender por qué este plan es tan polfoimico.

A woman who gave birth in secret in a toilet cubicle as a 14-year-old after years of sexual abuse by her stepfather is sentenced for killing her baby by stuffing toilet paper in his mouth in attempt to keep him quiet.

Having refineries as well means that the crude oil will become useful products, without external dependence;

A new global study has revealed the first complete evolutionary tree of the Earth's flowering plant families, showing how the group rose to world domination.

Los analistas coincidieron en qual los dominicanos le apostaron a un check here cambio, pero sin profundizar los programas políticos.

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